5am and the first little cry was heard. The cries got louder until thud, pitter, patter, pitter, patter and then a faint childlike voice came through the walls…’It’s OK Joshy. They itchin? Ok Joshy.’ Followed by a much louder, ‘Mummmmmmmmy!!!! Joshy itchin chien pox!”

Being woken up at 5am would normally result in me jabbing the ribs of my husband telling him to deal with them, but due to the nature of this unruly waking, I leapt out of bed just to see for my own eyes how adoring the situation was.

There was Joshua, sitting in his cot with big drops of tears pouring down his cheeks and Charlie standing on the edge of the cot reaching over to stroke Joshua’s head. It was all too cute….I paused and drank it in.

The ‘drinking in’ stage didn’t last very long and I was pulled back to reality by a bottom lip turning outwards and eyes screwing tightly to reveal more fast droplets of tears.

He was hot, itching and very uncomfortable. After everything had calmed down and lots of cuddles helped to soothe the pain, I managed to take a moment and reflect on what had happened.

What had happened was a spontaneous act of brotherhood.

My hope for them is that as they grow older this brotherhood only gets stronger and that it won’t/can’t be broken.

I love, love, love them!

We’re going to a Thomas the Tank Engine day on Saturday with our friends next door. You know the kind of thing….you get to ride on a steam train that’s had Thomas’ face stuck on the front of it. Charlie, has been really looking forward to it and talks about it from the moment he wakes up, until the moment he falls asleep…’Mummy, is it Thomas day now?’.

We have a spanner firmly in the works because of Joshua’s spot ridden body. We are housebound, we can’t go. But, clever Daddy has elected that he and Charlie go on their own…..So, OK, Joshua and I are housebound.

Normally, I wouldn’t bat an eye lid at missing a day spent riding trains, but I’m actually quite jealous. I’m jealous that I’m going to miss out on Charlie’s wide eyes, gasps of delight and his little jumps of excitement as he sees Thomas and his friends in REAL LIFE. Oh….choo, choo, boo!

Here’s hoping that all of Joshy’s spots have crusted over by Saturday morning…..but I doubt it.

What exactly is chicken pox? The whole thing is leaving me somewhat baffled!

Two weeks ago, Charlie’s little boy frame was hit by some rather nasty, pussy looking spots that itched him senseless. And now Joshua, who turned one a week ago, has got them. It’s just the weirdest ‘illness’ ever. One minute your kids are fine, the next they are covered in mean looking sores that just keep on multiplying with every hour.

Of course I’ve looked on the internet and seen copious amounts of definitions of what the pox actually is, but to me it’s just so weird. There’s no reason for the pox…or is there? There’s no said way of catching it – or so a friend of mine says…her son caught it crawling on the floor of the airport departure lounge…..really? And why does it take two weeks from coming into contact with the virus for the spots to breakout. It’s just weird, weird, weird, weird.

So, now I’m expecting a series of disturbed nights sleep as my youngest, the poor snugglewump, has grown four evil looking spots on his body. If he sleeps through and doesn’t wake up screaming for me to smother his itching skin with Virosoothe, I know that when I go to him in the morning, I will be greeted by a ‘spotty looking teenager in a one year old’s body’.

A vision of what’s to come I suppose.


So here’s to being stuck at home for the next five days…again! Hoooo-bloody-rah!

OK….so my sister is getting married at the end of November and I’m Matron of Honour. Naturally, I’m delighted and thrilled and genuinely can’t wait for the big day, but I’m slightly worried that I’m having to walk up the aisle with two ‘skinny rats’ – aka the other bridesmaids!

So with only five months notice to shed large quantities of fat that still embrace my more slim and toned frame, I’ve embarked on an all guns blazing regime: 

1) Fit for a Princess Bootcamps – fantastic for fitness and shedding a few pounds. They give u a ‘don’t eat plan’ which pretty much cuts out everything. Starving anyone? 530am starts, but it’s worth it because you do feel great.

2)  The Pre-Wedding Diet – this is what I did in the lead up to my wedding and the weight fell off, so am hoping it will be the same. No wheat, no carbs after 3pm, no nibbling/picking, no alcohol during working week. Pretty dull then.

3) Walk everywhere with the buggy. Don’t let the kids walk to the park as this means you move too slowly and don’t raise your heart rate enough. Pound those pavements. 

4) Refuse daily cake treats with the yummy mummy from a few doors down!

So this is what I’ve been trying to do, but a few things are getting in my way…bootcamps don’t happen every week and to do exercise on my own is just boring, no nibbling/picking  is impossible when you’ve made the kids their food and they leave just a little bit….it all adds up, no alcohol on a school night is just crazy – we normally drink a bottle + a night! (actually the cravings for this are the worse…yikes), it’s been raining none stop for days – why would I walk everywhere!? To refuse a cake with yummy mummy is quite simply a sin!

These are all just excuses, but I am determined to drop a dress size. Maybe the pre-wedding nerves will just naturally shed those unwanted pounds…….or does that only happen when you are the bride?!

All I can hope for is that the two skinny rats get tempted by massive amounts of chocolate, take aways and all things that will make their arses wobble as they prance up the aisle.

And me…..well everyone will think I’m the next P-Middy. Won’t they?

My youngest boy’s first birthday is fast approaching and whilst I can still remember the ‘pangs and twangs’ of labour, it feels like my little baby has turned genuinely…well… into a Little Big Monster!

This change from baby into ‘fast approaching’ toddler has happened over night. He is absolutely fascinated by getting everywhere with the utmost gusto, pushing or throwing things out of his way to make sure he can get there first. If he doesn’t make it, he throws himself backwards into a tantrum…fit for a two year old. He’s learnt that if his older brother brushes past him and Mummy happens to be looking…5 seconds later….crocodile tears come pouring.

He’s also very socialable as soon as he sees someone he recognises, he’s off, leaping out of my arms to get to them – even if it means crashing to the floor first! Whilst he’s flying through the air to get somewhere he makes a sound through his nose – it’s his voice of determined expression – telling me he IS going to get there, whatever! 

He plays crawling races with his elder brother where they chase each other around the sitting room. Yes his brother always wins, but the determination shouldn’t be sniffed at.

Gone is the placid baby and now we welcome the next phase with open arms…

It’s been a while since I’ve done any pulse racing exercise…in fact 2 years. Yes I walk everywhere – to the shops, supermarket, park, swings (and the pub), but that’s slightly different to concentrated exercise that gets the heart going and the blood pumping.

So feeling rather sluggish and with bumps still visible ALL over my body, I decided to give exercise a proper go. I joined a bootcamp. A bootcamp that’s ‘Fit for a Princess’……

Since Monday, I’ve been getting up at 530am, pulling on my sweat pants and trainers and hauling my wobbly arse up to the common to make it in time for cardio and pilates. It starts off with a gentle warm up and then 30 minutes of pure hardcore (for me anyway) cardio vascular exercise, followed by 45 minutes of some rather relaxing, but muscle stretching pilates.

After each session, I’ve felt fantastic. The beautiful sunny mornings, the fresh air (yes fresh air in London), the exercise and the general feeling of wellbeing and goodness. So fantastic that I forget my real life and turn to my friend and ask her if she wants to go for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee and then maybe a game of tennis……..only to remember we have to get back to our kids and allow our husbands to go off to work. Damn!

I walk back into the house and am greeted by lots of ‘mummy, mummy!’ It’s a lovely welcome, but I’m soon run ragged by my two boys demanding my attention and some breakfast!

By Tuesday afternoon, I was really feeling the tiredness. The tiredness that you feel when you have a newborn. Where you just want to curl up and go to sleep, no matter what. But now it’s Thursday and I’m feeling more than my normal self again…I’ve got packs of energy, I feel healthier, I’m beginning to feel better about myself. All in all I’d even say that this excercise thing is good for me.

So much so, I’ve just booked myself onto another bootcamp starting a week on Monday! Madness, but a big hoorah for me!

Two nights ago I was lucky enough to get out of the house and go to the cinema. The last film I saw was ‘Love and Other Drugs’ a somewhat moving, but slightly pornographic film which left me feeling a little….well baffled and bored of seeing so many sex scenes.

Anyway, it felt like I’d not been to the cinema in ages and as I stepped into that dimly lit theatre I realised just how much I’d missed the experience and the all too familiar smell of popcorn.

Not having had much time to review what I was about to see, I was somewhat concerned that it would be another rather cheesy chick flick that would leave me with my head in hands wondering why I’d wasted my ‘oh so precious’ time going to see something quite shite.

So Bridesmaids was our chosen film. And right from the start it had got me firmly in it’s grip. It was utterly brilliant!! The script, the acting, the timing it was just perfect. I roared out loud with laughter (and that’s not normally me), I also cried (I do that quite often in films), I hid behind my hands, I gasped, I screamed ‘oh no!’ with embarrassment, I clapped and I ahhhh’d. It was just genius!

What I really loved about it was how true it all was (ok maybe slightly exaggerated)…..but the ability for women to be so protective and territorial over *their* nearest and dearest friend that they’d do *anything* to prove they have the strongest friendship.

Whilst comically funny, the films underlying message was loud and clear no matter what…ALL friends count – new or old!

Oh just go and see it. 10/10 from me!

The first thing I did this morning, after giving my boys a kiss, was turn on my laptop and look at my blog. I was so engrossed in it that the boys’ breakfast was somewhat delayed…..

Pulling myself from the glare of the screen I managed to give Charlie his bowl of Shreddies and put Joshua’s Weetabix in the milk to soak and left the bowl on the side. I then found myself being pulled back to the screen as if some strange power had taken over me.

A few moments (it could have been seconds maybe minutes, I’ve no idea!) later, I realised all had gone quiet in the house. Not a sound. This usually means one thing – they are up to something. And up to something naughty!

I rapidly forgot about my blog and could hear myself muttering swear words, thinking the worse. I found them. Sitting on the floor. All was quiet. Charlie was feeding Joshua his breakfast. 

OK the Weetabix was plastered all over them and the floor, but it was simply the cutest thing ever.

Now, if they could learn to do the cleaning and the ironing too – that would be brilliant.

Charlie, my amazing weeing on a potty son!

He did it! Not once, but twice!! Am soooo proud of him (and of course me for the constant nagging!!). But woweeeeee. I can’t believe it. My little boy has done two wee wees in his potty.

Long may it continue!